malcom X and Frederick douglass

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Frederick Douglass had a Mistress, who started to teach him, but it was illegal. He would not have come to realize all he was missing out on if she did not give him that taste of learning. The more he learned, the more he realized that being a slave for the rest of his life was senseless. All the information he was receiving made him think more and more of being a free man. To read and learn if he went north he could be free, made him crave freedom more. Reading and writing was his way out of slavery or at least to a better situation. Malcolm X's need for education was when he realized that he could not read a full book and get an understanding of it because he did not know many words. Reading a sentence he would skip over so many words. He also admired the way a fellow inmate could hold a conversation. Realizing all the words in a dictionary and knowing that he only knew a few got to him. His curiosity took over; Malcolm started to see knowledge is power. To be a black man with knowledge made you even more powerful.
Frederick Douglass had such a desire to learn when his Mistress started to teach him “give him an inch and he’ll take an ell”. The more he read, the more he was realizing that there was a better life for him. He would read and learn about human rights and it just gave him more of a desire to learn. Then the more he read the information he was receiving got him angry. He just hated his Master more and more each day. He started to hate his own existence. It did not take long for him to just turn all the frustrations around and use it to his advantage. “I consoled myself with the hope that I should one day find a good chance.” The desire and the frustration turned into his inspiration for making a change in his life. Fre...

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... they will live to be released. Malcolm takes an interest in Bimbi and seeing how smart a man he was wanted the same thing for himself. Malcolm was thinking I have all the time in the world, why not improve and better myself. Malcolm X did not sleep, he read books at night. He utilized the jails resources and his time to write every word in the dictionary. He read the definitions and looked at the pictures and improved his vocabulary. He put himself around someone he had seen as positive to become a better person. This in a time where men needed to have street smarts to survive. These two men had an inspiration of a better future and took advantage of their surroundings. Having a desire so strong, not a fear of the results and just wanting something better for themselves; made all those problems they were surrounded by appear so small and their effort so price-less.
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