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Malcolm X was a very interesting and complicated person. Throughout his life, Malcolm had exposure to practically every type of person the world had to offer. In his younger years, he excelled in his community predominately surrounded by whites. He then got into the hustling business within the black community which supplied for all types of people. After that, he joined the Nation of Islam, joining himself with many Muslims. Lastly, Malcolm went on a Hajj to Africa, where his communication with a diverse group of people expanded. Each time Malcolm had a new group of people in his life, he had a different alias to go by. Whichever one is remembered most, Malcolm Little, Malcolm X or El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, his impact on society will be remembered forever.
Gaining information on Malcolm from two different “texts” really helped in my understanding of him. These two different “texts” were The Autobiography of Malcolm X and the film Malcolm X: Make it Plain. Both of these pieces were informative in two entirely different ways. In the book, we gained knowledge of Malcolm through his views on various aspects of life. However, in the movie, we gained knowledge of Malcolm from others’ points of views. For me, the film was more helpful because I am more of a visual learner.
Malcolm Little, his birth name, was a very gifted child growing up. He managed to receive straight A’s and become the president of his junior high school. The book got more in depth than the movie in that aspect of his life. For example, the book talked about how Malcolm told his English teacher, Mr. Ostrowski that he wanted to become a lawyer. Even though this teacher encouraged the less intelligent white students to aspire any dreams, he told Malcolm that he would be better off becoming a carpenter. That was a very important part in Malcolm’s young life. It can be considered the turning point of his views with the white community. The movie would not be able to fit all of the information of his childhood that the book displayed. The film gave us an insight on how his brothers and sisters saw life as a young child around Malcolm, a time I am sure they will not forget.
Now Malcolm became a hustler on the streets of Harlem, needless to say, that occupation did not last very long. The book gave many details...

... middle of paper ... felt threatened by Malcolm, he foresaw his own death, stated in both “texts.” Both pieces told how Malcolm was murdered, but the film was more emotional, because it let us view where the shooting occurred, with people’s views of the incident.
In contrast, the book could not let the reader know everyone’s reactions to this unfortunate death. In the film, we are made aware that both of Malcolm’s brothers, Philbert and Wilfred did not attend his funeral because of the precautions of their own safety. Also, we could see and hear the emotion that people felt when he was assassinated. Another interesting fact obtained from the movie was coincidentally the name of the film; Make it Plain. Prior to coming out to speak, Malcolm always told the speaker before him to “make it plain” implying that he did not want any special introduction. His half sister, Ella Collins, still goes to bed every night with the idea that “one day I’ll get even.” Finally, the book failed to show that when Malcolm was buried, his followers shunned away the professional grave diggers to dig up his grave themselves. That alone shows the effect this man had on all that he encountered.

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