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“Malcolm X is born on May 19 1925 in Omaha Malcolm X was a prominent Black Nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the nation of Islam during 1950’s and 1960’s”(Malcolm X). Malcolm X is considered a modern hero because of his leadership skills, the struggles and obstacles that he overcame in his life and the energy that he has put to give the African Americans freedom, and respect. Malcolm is a modern hero, likewise, Odysseus is an epic hero. An epic hero is a larger than life figure, who embodies a nation or race the hero usually goes to long and dangerous journeys and accomplish great deeds that require courage and bravery. Both Malcolm X and Odysseus are heroes because of there great leadership, struggles that they overcame, and the both embodies the ideals of a race or nation.
Malcolm X and Odysseus both overcame struggles in their lives. Odysseus experiences struggles when he is returning to Ithaca, Odysseus faces the lotus-eaters, the Cyclops and Poseidon. The Lotus Eater is friendly and hospitable but their plants they give to Odysseus’s men make the men unaware of what is happening therefore Odysseus rescues them and calls his men “all hand aboard; come, clear the beach and no one taste the lotus, or you’ll lose your hope of home”. The great Odysseus also faces the Cyclops who “caught two in his hands like squirming puppies to beat their brains out, spattering the floor”. Likewise, Malcolm X struggles in his early life; Malcolm and his family is forced to relocate twice before Malcolm is 4 years old because of Ku Klux Klan terrorists, burn his house and kill his father. When the police report incident they called it an accident. He tells his teacher that he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up but his teacher ...

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...cted as such, regardless of their color”(Gunderson 20).
Malcolm and Odysseus are both heroes one that lived before a thousand years ago and one who lived before about 40 years ago. Both are considered heroes from there known struggles that they had in their lives Malcolm struggle was in most of his life from his childhood until when he was shoot 16 times by The Nation of Islam members and Odysseus struggled tod go back to his country it took him 9 years until he returned to Greece where he saw bitter days. The great and wise Odysseus is a leader of a group in the Greek army when he fought his ways to victory and Malcolm is the leader of the Afro-American Unity that is non religious organization where only black people can be a member of the organization to spread peace, freedom and respect to all races and people around the world.
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