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Imagine a world where our country, our money, our economy, and our power have collapsed. The U.S dollar is now a worthless currency, no longer accepted globally; however the renminbi (人民币), China’s currency, is. A simple bag of chips previously worth a dollar is now $100. Our language is no longer necessary to get a high-paying international job; Chinese is. But this should come with no surprise; after all we are no longer the strongest country in the world… China is. As of this moment the U.S.A. possesses the strongest economy in the world. On the other hand with its ever expanding debt and its endless money-printing, China with the flick of a finger, could overthrow the U.S in economical prowess. There are also numerous other factors that facilitate China’s ascent to the World’s superpower spot. So while many may believe the U.S.A. will forever hold the world’s reins, the truth is that all throughout history empires have risen and fallen; The time for the U.S.A. to step back and hand its power to a country like China is imminent-because of its gold backed up currency, growing education, strong independent economy and enormous wealth-this may just be for the best …or for the worst.
At present China earns $300 billion off of the United States. This is every single year from just one country. Also, as of 2011 China reclaimed its dominance as the worldwide leader in manufacturing output. This along with the fact that their currency is backed up by gold means that even though the United States is the richest country in the world right now, China’s domination of the world’s manufacturing output-a title formerly owned by the United States-shows it’s leaders’ planning for their future as the next superpower (Fogel,2010). This planning h...

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... no exception. However there is always another person, or in this case country, waiting in line, and that is China. A country with greater economic stability, better future planning, and growing education and wealth, China is almost ready to be the world’s next superpower. It may not be today or in 50 years, but it will be sooner than most of us expect, and it will happen unless we do something to stop it. The consequences of this change of power cannot be foretold, some freedoms may be lost and poverty might strike, or it might just be for the best; but we as the American people have failed to realize that unless we act soon, we will no longer be the world’s superpower, and that is a cause worth worrying over. As the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once said, “Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.”
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