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The Grey Room
“May I have your boarding pass please sir” the women asked politely. “Certainly” as I handed the boarding pass. She also mentioned after that there was some “Technical faults…” with the plane and will be delayed by a few minutes. What kind technical faults? When I stepped into the large neatly organized white polished plane, I never thought something would go wrong I sat in my seat. I looked up and saw a clock reading nine thirty-three. The rest of the passengers boarded. Shortly after the stewards started to demonstrate what to do in the event of a plane crash one of them were shaken up, I was oblivious due the fact I had seen this procedure multiple times I could see through them, just as if they were transparent. The plane started to back up and then it turned onto the run way. We started to gain speed up and started to gain altitude. I was going to Australia to meet with business partners. I annually had done this trip. I put my head back and shut my eyes so I could kill time.
I awoke suddenly the plane shook violently! The plane fell out the sky and sliding across the ground. I rose from my seat and saw the loss of life everywhere as I wandered down the aisle it was the most horrifying thing I had ever witnessed. I reached the back of the plane and opened the remnants of the door. I exited the plane and was blinded by thick black smoke. I held my shirt to my mouth and took a deep breath and sprinted. I put my head down and did not turn back until the smoke disappeared. The strong plane I was in earlier shattered into pieces of scrap it was a ghastly scene. I looked at my phone, it had died on me. I was clueless to what was wrong with it, seemed fine. I sat down rested against a tree, I looked at my watch it...

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...ors, I went down and managed to make use of the opportunity, until I was a short distance away. It must have been at least two hours of tough digging in the humid tunnel, struggling for breath and feeling I was burning up. At last I made a breakthrough. I could see lights. I stealthily climbed out. Cautiously ran to the back of the wall and moved gradually up the side of the wall until I could jump across stream. I had to make it; I considered this for a while as I doubted I could make it. I leaped across. Leaping over I was frightened as I may not have reached to the other side by I managed to make it to the north side then ran into a bush. I wore my clothes inside out so they could not get ruined. I just turn them the right way then ran into the dark not looking the outskirts of the area. I suffered so much now I am free of that hell hole.
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