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Theme Paragraph

Jealousy is a predominant theme in the novel "This Dark Endeavour" written by Kenneth oppel. There are many aspects of jealousy addressed in this story, and the question if jealousy will prove to be stronger than love. At the beginning of the story Victor is jealous of the fame Konrad got from saving him, but as the story progresses that small bit of jealousy turns into a major component of Victors life when he finds out that Elizabeth, who he loves, is in love with his brother. Victor loves his brother without a doubt, but even that quick moment when he had the thought, " if Konrad did not get the elixir, then he could have Elizabeth to himself" it proves how strong of an emotion it is. When Victor is looking through the books on alchemy he finds a love potion, and he knows very well it would hurt both elizabeth and Konrad, but it isn't until the last moment that Victor decides that he will not use the potion. Love and jealousy are both very strong emotions and in a way both the theme of this story, and the author does a very good job at addressing the struggle of choosing which one to give into.

Journal discoveries

Writing these journals really made me think about the total range of sibling relationships, I had never really thought much about it before, I have a sister, I love her, but would I die for her? not only die, but give my own life so that she could live her own? I dont think that I would, but writing these journals really got me to thinking, that there are probably siblings with that kind of love for one and other, I don't know if I find that admirable or terrifying. The type of relationships siblings have is completely based on how they were raised and what their family dynamic was like, what ki...

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...il about another century requires a lot of research, and it sure seemed like he did it all, everything made sense for the time period, nobody pulled out their phone to take a selfie while riding in a horse drawn carriage. This story was set in a time where religion was slowly being overtaken by science, this I found very interesting because although there was practical knowledge everything was still fairly ignorant. This book, which is actually part of a trilogy, lines up so well with the original frankenstein, written in the late 1790's, it could almost be a fourth book instead of the others being prequels. I would greatly recommend this book to anybody who is interested in history because it is set in a time period that isn't often written about. I greatly enjoyed this book and can really appreciate historical authenticity that the author was trying to illustrate.
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