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I think that there are many different things that make me who I am today. I have to look at this from many different aspects: my biology, my personality, my environment, the people around me, how I was raised, things about me that are different that others, and many other aspects. Instead of looking at every aspect of my life, I would rather focus on the few things that I believe are important about myself and the things that make me who I am, and explain the story behind them. Family is something that is extremely important to me. When I was growing up, my biological mother and father were married, and I was the only child. My parents supported me in everything I did and always were heavily involved in my life, making me feel as though we were a unit. However, when I grew older, I tended to turn away from my parents and more towards my friends. This was probably a result of peer pressure, media, hormones, along with many other things. For a few years, my friends were more important to me than my parents, but in our culture, it was normal for teenagers to act that way. A week before I graduated high school, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was able to attend my high school graduation, but she passed away a month afterwards. During her sickness, there was only a few people who were truly by my side. One of the most important people who helped me through it, was my father, as he was obviously very impacted by the tragedy as well. We talked, and still do, about our feelings towards it and we both understood each other and it was very comforting. I have now gotten incredible close to my father that I could not see me moving away, or doing anything that would upset him. I have also learned that your family ... ... middle of paper ... ...escribe my secondary identities are a number of different things: dedicated student, hard working woman, and on the road to becoming a strong, independent woman. This assignment was harder than I expected. I would expect that to write about your identity would be easy, but honestly, I have never sat down and thought to myself “Who am I? What is my identity?” So, perhaps I have answered this question wrong, perhaps soon I will change my mind. I would assume that my identity changes when my surroundings change, to adapt to my new life. I wanted to show you that I am different than other people in the class. I am not focused on socializing or drinking, I have other interests in mind. I enjoy learning and I think my education is very important. I hope this class can help teach me more about other people along with myself. I look forward to the rest of this course.

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