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Being cultural competent should be something that is commonly practice by many counselor’s. North America has a variety of multicultural residents at times need the help of a counselor. It is up to the counselor to determine if he or she will take the time to study their patient’s background. Not being culturally competent can result in ethical issue such as a not understanding how culture effects the client, respecting different culture, and minimizing the effects of cultural difference. I will also view my own personal values relate to diversity in the case study with Jill and Joe.
Counselor needs to understand how culture may have affected the reason why Jill was sexual confused, depressed and did not want to be hypnotized. In view how culture affects the client, the counselor must understand the client’s background. Depending upon the cultural background of the client, she may not have had someone to explain sex to her. This may be the reason why she is sexual confused. In some cultures take about sex is conceded a taboo.
Growing up, I was confused. My parents never took the time out to explain sex to me. So, I did not I know what best and find books on the subject. Reading books about the subject was the only way I know how to obtain information. “Asian American adolescents and young adults tend to show more sexually conservative attitudes and behavior and initiate sexual intercourse at a later age” (Okazaki.S, 2002). Therefore, Jill may have been telling Joe about things that she was just discovering about herself. Code A.1.a “Primary Responsibility” of the ACA which states that the consultant is present to respect the dignity and promote the welfare of the client behaviors (American Counseling Association, 2005). Joe coul...

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...of a professional. Joe would have been more equipped to help Jill if had taken the time of to understand the culture of Asian American’s as it pertain to his client’s issues.

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