love vs friendship

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What’s the most irritating, when one is sleeping and suddenly yours cell phone rang…….it’s a hot day of July and I was in my PG bed “dam, who the hell is calling”, my head started pealing. “Hello”, I said. “Hello, Parikshit”. “Yes”, I replied.”Who are you” as I heard a girl voice, I am not interested to anyone at this time. But showing my soft side I asked her name. Nimika like some name she told. Harshly I replied that I don’t know who is she & I disconnect the call, and went back to my bed. After an hour my roommate woke me up & we had our evening tea. “Whoes call was it in the afternoon?” Asked savya (one of my roommate).oh that’s a girl, I recalled in my mind & came back to my room and gave a back call to her. She pickup the call “Hello, you have called me sorry I didn’t recognized you at that time may I know who are you.” “Are you Parikshit rawat?” “Yes” “Mona joshi here, remembered” she replied. Shit how I can talk to her like that, I have asked her to call me, I apologized to her. “No one had ever talked to me like that” she said & we started our talks (remembering our past school time memories) which lasted for more than an hour. Mona and I were class mates in school,But she was the crush of my friend. We all used to walk back home together. After school we met again in social networking in 2009.she was studying in Banasthali & me in local college of our city. We used to chat a lot, there only I gave her my number & she promised that she will call me. But she called after 2-3 months when I left my hometown. After her call, I joined my roommates for a walk & shared some of her intro with them. Savya is a lover boy & he keeps himself busy talking with his girls day and night, this irritates a lot to me and panks(another ... ... middle of paper ... ... dreams which had never came alive……she was the girls I had ever dreamed of. A thought strike in my mind that it’s ok now this is the real time to say goodbye to her….. But I know it will be not easy to forget her….. It will pain me to be with her but it will pain more without her. So, I promised her now after, we will only be friends……………….. And our friendship is still going as promised. Final few lines seem ok to stop my writing…. “”“We met, but we are still apart. Though we are close, but distances seem too far. You don’t know my pain with you but its pain more without you. My heart is crazy who dreams of you but love how it dreams. My heart says but words don’t. You will never know but it’s hard to explain how much…….. I LOVE YOU””’
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