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In a world obsessed with the possession of "things," it is ironic to see that all people seek one thing that is completely intangible, love. Love can't be held, bought, manipulated, traded, forgotten, or stolen. Love is pure, honest, true, fulfilling, and most of all valuable. Love is not limited either. An unknown author once wrote, "Trying to bring pleasure to someone, because of the pleasure you feel to see that person's pleasure, is perhaps the most beautiful demonstration of love." Isn’t amazing how something so powerful can be found in the simplest of things. In my life I have felt love in many aspects of my life. I love my family, my friends, my country, my life, and myself. These are all the things I hold dear to me in all the choices and plans I make. To lose them is to lose everything.
After a considerable amount of time pining over what I should write I've come to the conclusion that writing about love would be most beneficial. Love in all its forms; love for family, friends, country, and oneself. I will compare them with the four types of love, Storge, Eros, Philios and Agae.

Love of Family:
The love I have for my family is known as Storge love. Storge love means family affection. Storge talks about family affection between family members. There is a certain sense of family affection that you have for one another because you are of the same family. Blood is thicker than water. So you have the inner built affection unless something comes in between.
My family is not like most American families. In fact, we are not even American, only Americanized. We come from a large family in Nassau Bahamas. I see my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends a few months every year. With the demands of school, sports, and life in general my time with them has been limited to one month every year. My aunts visits periodically, and we speak on the phone often, it still is not the same. Thankfully my immediate family is the closest, most affectionate family I've ever seen, and it compensates for those who can only love me from afar. Love in my family is like a cycle, my family also gives love to the past by visiting graves and attending funerals. Within my family love is not a word, it is a way of life and a wonderful one at that.

Love of Friends:
The love of friends deal with Philios love, and it talks ...

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...Love for Myself:
I consider my self very lucky to have the opportunities life has given me. I have never starved, been truly cold, lonely, or poor. But, these are not the reasons why I love my life. My love for life is built on the things I have been a part of that have taught me and helped me. I love the trials and tribulations of life. I love the early mornings, on hot August days I have experienced so much growing up that I have grown to love and cherish life. I love my life because I feel much loved in the things I do. For this I consider myself very lucky.

For me, there is so much more to love than I can put on paper. Love seems so much bigger than words. I have tried to explain the heat in my heart as I feel it. My family, friends, country, and life are all a love experience, yet, I know they do not explain what love is. Love is a universally confusing word. It has countless meanings as well as interpretations. Very few, if any see it as exactly the same thing having only one strict meaning. There are many different types of love, this paper talked about some. Its no doubt the strongest emotion GOD has given unto anyone or anything.
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