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The Louisiana Purchase, also known as the greatest real estate deal in history, occurred during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. He was a visionary and always imagined that one day the United States would span from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. However, in the beginning of his term as president, the U.S.’s territory only reached as far as the Mississippi River. Beyond this, there was vast land known as the Louisiana Territory. This land included all of what is now present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, parts of the Mississippi that were west of the Mississippi river, most of North Dakota, most of South Dakota, northeastern New Mexico, northern Texas, portions of Montana, Colorado east of the continental divide, Louisiana east of the Mississippi river, and small pieces of land that later became parts of Canada. Acquiring this land would strengthen America and solidify it as a place as a growing power and challenge to the British. It would also double the size of the existing U.S. territory. This purchase is known as one of the biggest achievements of Jefferson’s presidency.
In the 18th century, France owned more parts of the United States than any other European power. However, after the French and Indian war, France relinquished their Louisiana land to Spain. In 1801, Spain created a secret treaty with France, which would return the Louisiana territory. This instilled fear for the Americans because many of them depended on free access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans ports. Officials feared that Napoleon Bonaparte would blockade the river and the Gulf of Mexico in response to show his dominance. Thomas Jefferson saw the threat of the France and said; “The day that France takes...

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...strict interpretation of the constitution. Jefferson was a strong advocate for a strict construction of the constitution, and believed that if the constitution did not mention anything about the change, the government had no right to create it. During the 1790’s, Jefferson was a huge advocate against Hamilton’s idea of creating a national bank. Jefferson explained the “necessary and proper” clause as only allowing congress to take actions that were necessary. Jefferson did hate the idea, but article IV of the constitution says that new states may be added. Jefferson did attempt to draft an amendment that would authorize the purchase of Louisiana, but congress disregarded it. His principles about completing actions that were not mentioned in the constitution were put aside, and he purchased the land. Later, Jefferson described the purchase as a “great achievement.”
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