lord of the flies

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Human behaviour is largely constrained by the rules and regulations of society. Individuals are obliged to behave a certain way to avoid facing consequences, but what would be the outcome if there were no constrains? William Golding’s, Lord of the Flies is a novel that displays the importance of the rules in society and its role in preventing humans from turning into degenerate beings. When rules and laws of civilization are displaced, the inclination of human behaviour towards savagery is inevitable. To develop the idea of inherit evil in human nature Golding uses, British schoolboys whose barbaric capabilities are truly unleashed under primitive conditions of survival. Through character development of Jack, Roger and Ralph the author demonstrates how quickly innocent children can transform into savages. In the event that law and structure are not enforced humans will turn to their natural animalistic behaviour.
The antagonist of the book is Jack Merridew. Unlike the other boys on the island Jack’s savagery did not take long to develop. He is like a disease that infects and encourages others to abandon their civilized ways. For most boys, killing the pigs was a food source but for Jack hunting was an adventure and a ritual. He creates a dance, and paints his face as a part of that ritual. Jack`s face painting influences the boys to such an extreme that they lose their individuality alongside with their ability to make civilized decisions. He takes it a step farther by re-enacting the killing by substituting the pigs with real people. Jack’s sadistic side is visible, as he finds pleasure by killing and harming. Since the beginning Jack had been envious of Ralph`s position and greedy for power, and in order to satisfy his desire...

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...the unthinkable. William Golding Lord of the Flies articulates the idea evil residing within every human through three characters. Jack is a boy who forgets about morals and compassion right after he is marooned. He becomes a deranged individual who destroys anything that stands in his path. Roger was directly influenced by Jack he represents the characteristics of sadism, bloodlust and cruelty which resides within every human heart. Ralph is a character who desperately tries to remain civilized and cultured but he eventually gives into his natural villainous instincts. With rules no longer tying the boys down, they reverted to their animalistic instincts and destroyed one another. People often complain about overbearing principles and harsh consequences but they fail to realize that rules and laws are an integral part of keeping order and sustaining civilization.
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