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Freedom: Lack of Restrictions

“This is our island. It is a good island until the grownups come to fetch us we’ll have fun” (Golding 35). The lack of restrictions on the island in Lord of the Flies affected the way the boys acted on a day-to-day basis. The lack of leadership and the failure to cooperate caused the boys to split, and rebel against each other. Without restrictions, the boys ruled themselves and answered to no one, except those they were loyal to or feared. The boys found out that no one is really in control and they can do what they wish, although they may face consequences for it. There is a lack of restrictions on the island and the boys have freedom to do what they want. This is shown by their lack of caring for each other and the tasks that they are assigned.
The boys on the island tried to work together at first, but that failed because of a lack of strong leadership and irresponsibility among the children. “You remember the meeting? How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished?” said Ralph, the boy trying to keep order on the island (Golding 50). The above quote demonstrates that the boys do what they please; they truly listen to no one and choose their own paths. The lack of restrictions causes the boys to slack off, even knowing that there are no immediate repercussions for their actions. “No grownups!” cried one of the boys (Golding 8). This comment shows that the boys are free, and no one is there to tell them what to do.
“They faced each other on the bright beach, astonished at the rub of feeling. From beyond the platform came the shouting of the hunters in the swimming pool. On the end of the platform, Piggy was lying flat, looking down into the brilliant water (Golding 54). After the boys realized that they had no one to tell them what to do, they took advantage of the situation. Because of this, the boys accomplished little. The boys failed at their assigned tasks because no one is there to tell them what to do, and they have no restrictions. “You didn’t ought to have let that fire out. You said you’d keep the smoke going” said Piggy, after becoming frustrated at the younger boys. The boys on the island had no sense of responsibility.
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