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Addiction is a very common psychological problem that is faced by people around the world. According to APA, addiction is defined as a condition where the body craves for the substance that it abuses so that feeling of pleasure is fulfilled. In the current scenario, the case of shopping addiction can be described as the sense of pleasure that is experienced upon purchasing of items. This is a serious issue that is seen in all parts of the world and more commonly among women. Although the precise reason behind the compulsive shopping behaviour is not clearly understood, there are few theories that connect the psychological, as well as social aspects of this addiction.
In the following discussion, we will talk about Jody who is a young woman with addiction to shopping of goods. She has a brother, Nick, who is 5 years younger than her. In their early years together, they spent most of their time with babysitters which later they dropped as they got older. Jody soon moved out, and Nick rarely got to see her. Upon their brief meetings, all she would talk about was her trips to expensive pubs or some exotic holiday spot and shopping. Here, we will try to find the biological and social perspectives on Jody’s condition.
Whenever we buy something, it is for the psychological value rather than the intended use. Either we want to flaunt it so the people around notice and express their feelings whether good or bad, or to attract the attention of someone special, believing that the product will help achieve that. This effort to improve the self-esteem or image can have both positive and negative consequences. Case over here is for the negative side which leads to uncontrolled, unnecessary purchases that not only affect...

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...eenagers due to increase in materialistic outlook of life and relations. Such behaviours and attitudes tend to create distances and affect the ability to develop a meaningful relationship with other people. To counter such condition, parents must listen to their children and pay attention to their needs. They should be vigilant about the activities of their child and be supportive of his views provided they do not tend to spoil the child. Open communication and guidance are the major method to counter the addiction to shopping in those who suffer from it. Treatment is simple; pay attention to the needs and demands must be kept in check. This is for the behavioural part, and for the biological portion, the drugs that control the anxiety and inhibits the dopaminergic receptors should be administered in the cases of extreme addiction that shows physical manifestations.

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