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It is often said that the children of today decide the future of this world. This means that the youth today determines the successes, breakthroughs, discoveries, and advances in innovation. Right now, the United States of America is the leading innovator in the world in the technology and science field. With technology advancing at its fast pace, it is imperative that the United States does not fall behind in technologically advanced rankings. With technology being as important as it is, it is often thought that American students are being prepared to become tomorrow’s global leaders in technological innovation. However, it is not. These reasons include the modern obsession with being cool over intelligent and the limited amount of qualified science and math teachers in the school industry.
During their high school years, many adolescents are discovering themselves and their sense of popularity in schools. Some teenagers end up having more concerns with their clothing style and popularity rank than they do about their grades in school. In the article “The Uncool Effects of Obsession with Coolness,” the author states that, “In American high schools, the negotiation of social status drives student behavior, steering students away from the study of science, engineering, and technology” (pg. 2). This “cool trend” does a disservice to the future of America and its advancement in technology and science. With such a limited amount of students caring about improving the future’s technology, the country will find itself losing its leadership crown and will start trailing behind other countries and their technologies. In other words, the youth today, without realizing it, is giving other countries and their youth an advantage to beco...

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...ill teach them material about science and math; things that will benefit them in their quest to lead America in technological innovation.
Ultimately, America is in trouble of losing its spot of being the leader in technological innovation. Many components of trouble include the battle of coolness and lack of qualified teachers teaching math and science. In order to make a change and ready students to be technological leaders of the future, the public school system must use the best teachers for their students. Students need to understand that knowledge in technology could benefit their lives much more than popularity. In order to keep its rank, this country must become the great technologically innovative machine it has been in the past. If not, there will always be countries creeping up, attempting to become the number one country in technological innovation.
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