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“What a play, a 90 yard bomb to the speedy wide receiver.” Football brings excitement with blood curling remarkable plays that seem impossible to accomplish. The National Football League stands for a model of entertainment: amusing fans since the beginning of August 20, 1920. The NFL reputation represents a perfect combination of viciousness, tactic and spectacle that can bring a family together any given Thursday, Sunday or Monday. According to Nielsen Company (2013), over a 100 million people watched the Super Bowl; this has risen about 25 percent in 25 years. This fact proves the National Football League continues to act as the most popular sport in America. However, The NFL adapted to changes to reach this height of attractiveness. As a result, the NFL became a successful money seeking business. To explain, serving as the most prevalent sport in America developed changes in NFL’s regime to keep up with entertainment standards of intensity. The way the players, regime, prices, and expansion in the changed the NFL landscape for the better brought more profit than the NBA and MLB. The National Football League moneymaking schemes demonstrate how the NFL became the richest sports company in America.
The National Football league owns the most athletic players in the game. Therefore, these athletes symbolize expensive that NFL owners did not have back in the early NFL. In Major League Baseball, many players are overweight but still they can hit and field a baseball correctly. Compare football players and basketball players. Basketball players represent a special case since they show more athleticism than baseball players do because while in a vulnerable position, they have to focus on scoring and defending at the same time. Baseball...

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...ining game will never be like playing a game of innocent tag football. Tag football does not produce the fans or wealth that violence produce, however, to insure everyone safety, the NFL must continue to incorporate just rules to keep the owner investments safe.
The improvement on fanfare, athletes, money and stadiums in the National Football League results in a new age of business in the NFL that does not compare to the other sports in the NFL. America symbolizes a country that appreciates fast pace and astonishing plays of the NFL, but rarely do those people realize how much the NFL changed to produce more money. The National Football League prosperity developed because of the radical changes of players, and the philosophy on money management of owners and players. No other sports compare on a finical or entertainment standpoint to the National Football League.
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