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The locker life may not seem very difficult but in reality its one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do. Well actually, it’s the only thing I have ever had to do but I picture it as one of the most strenuous jobs out there. My owner, Gianna Marie Gallitelli, treats me, locker number 429, horribly. I know that Gia wishes she could treat me better, but as she tells all of her friends, she just doesn’t have the time. Once a month, Gia decides to give me a big clean out so that she can actually see my back wall. Every morning Gia brings in a new water bottle and ends up putting it inside of me. Her highest record for most water bottles in one month is 19! Can you even believe that? I admit, I am a little skinny which makes it harder for binders to come out of me but if Gia kept me organized, it would be much easier! My owner tries to keep me tidy and clean but in the mix of running to classes, grabbing books, and being distracted by her friends, she can’t really keep up with it all. I try and help Gia as much as I can but I am just a locker. What more can I do? Gia seems like she doesn’t need me but she really does in order to achieve her middle school goals. As a person, Gia is great, but as a locker tender, she is a disgrace. In my opinion, I am a pretty great locker. The goodies inside of me are stacked up to to the top and there is nothing in the world I don’t have. From candy to clothes, I have anything a middle schooler could possibly dream of. I am pretty much a storage locker because anything that is unwanted or not useful gets thrown inside of me. Papers from months ago are crammed underneath binders and books waiting to be found and placed in their rightful place. I understand that Gia has a strenuous and complicated l... ... middle of paper ... ...evements and acquisitions. Seeing that you changed their lives will give a new meaning to the word, “locker.” A locker is not just something that is provided in school for students, but something that knows everything about you because even when you don’t know it, they are listening. I hope that Gia has a great life to come and I know that she will try her best in reaching every dream she has ever had. As years pass by, nothing seems to change. The years fly, time passes and life goes on. Before I know it, Gia will be stepping into her college dorm room beginning a new chapter of her life. Soon to come after that she will start a family and get a job that she truly treasures. Throughout all the ups and downs of the locker life, I will always remember Gianna Marie Gallitelli because she changed my personal views and gave a meaning to my everlasting life as a locker.
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