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According to a video called look-up produced by Gary Turk, he explains in a poem about America’s obsession with technology and social media sites. It’s a message to today’s online generation of robots who can’t seem to communicate with real people. “People today are missing out on genuine connections because they are constantly glued to their smart phones,” Turk says. Even when they are hanging with friends they update their facebook or twitter status. Are we missing out on life moments or are we capturing them through a lens? Is a question I often think about. Although social media is great and helpful, whatever happened to those face to face conversations we had with the person next to us. It’s like if were too scared to look insane for making small talk.

Social networks have also been the cause of numerous people being victims of cyber bullying. Although social media can be used for positive activities like connecting with friends and family, or helping them with school, some of these tools can be used to hurt others. Cyber bullying occurs more than we think, it happens twenty-four hours, seven days a week, and can reach a person even when they are not logged in. It is becoming much more common for someone to sit in front of a screen and harass others than it is to do in person because you are able hide who you truly are. The masked identity that the internet provides also causes other concerns for the victim like anxiety and sense of powerlessness. The introduction of social sites has brought about concerns that have taken previous forms of harassment to a whole new level. Users are able to interact across the globe at the click of a button, creating and sharing information as they please; it is this reason most specificall...

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...vertising, and it even helps law enforcement find missing people and fugitives. Also, it is the fastest way to receive news locally and worldwide. Social media has helped worldwide in disaster cases and we are able to be aware and notified the same moment it is happening. There will always be those who use this as a tool for the better and others just to harm those around them. Reality is that social media is expanding and it’s revolutionizing our world, but how much is too much? What do we benefit from technology, when we are starting to live in a world where technology is becoming smarter than those who create it. The internet has expanded the ways in which we interact, and it would appear that everyone is making the most of it. Social networks have altered the ways in which information is exchanged, relationships are formed and most of all how free time is spent.
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