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Research on the topic of the use of SFA technology is growing. The reason for this appears to be due to the fact that there is a great deal of financial resources being devoted to these products. The use of these products began with SFA technology and branched out into CRM software as well (Ahearne, Jones, Rapp & Mathieu, 2008). Organizations such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, and salespeople in general must determine what the ideal mix of the use of SFA and CRM technology will be. In order to do this, organizations themselves and salespeople must be convinced that the use of these tools will allow them to grow and to become more profitable (Ahearne, Jones, Rapp & Mathieu, 2008). These organizations must also see SFA and CRM technology as a gateway of information from the customer to the salesperson and on to management. Use of these tools ultimately means that organizations can also reduce the incidence of product liability by uncovering problems with products in the early stages of use by the customer and the end user.
The introduction of this new technology has faced an enormous amount of indifference among salespeople despite the investment of upwards of $3,500 per salesperson (Ahearne, Jones, Rapp & Mathieu, 2008). This is especially true in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, according to Shillawaert, Ahearne, Frambach and Moenart (2005), the failure rate for the use of information technology by salespeople was as high as 75% as of 2005. As of 2008, the failure rate was 60% (Ahearne, Jones, Rapp & Mathieu, 2008). The increased use over this three year period may have been due to the desire of management at sales organizations to promote the technology in order to keep better track of salespeople. A...

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... One other theory that should be mentioned here is that of the Technology Acceptance Model, which states that technology is adopted due to ease of use and perceived usefulness (Homburg, Wieseke & Kuehnl, 2009). One other source that supports the idea that certain personality types are more innovative than others is a source that states that intuitive individuals are often innovative types that enjoy solving problems, enjoy change and are innovative thinkers (Zeigert, 2000). Perhaps innovativeness combined with ease of use and usefulness play a part in the adoption of technology by innovators. Again, so far none of the current research has led to a comprehensive theory that solves the problem entirely regarding the explanation for the successful adoption of SFA and CRM by some sales organizations while others have failed to adopt the technology to any great degree
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