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In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses fire to illustrate the barriers of censorship and other major themes that tie together in the end. Bradbury’s use of fire demonstrates the pros and cons of social normality. Having the freedom of illustration is something many of us take for granted. In Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury is able to create a believable futuristic life where books are banned and burned. The Firemen in this society create fires, not extinguish them, and to the people, life has always been this way. Huge televisions seem to take over the mind of the ones who watch it and so large it also takes over the living room walls. Things as simple as taking nightly walks become scrutinized and documented. The book is a diary of a fireman emerging from this, and his problems with his surrounding society. The book kicks off with Montage doing his job as a truly submissive piece of society. He continues to burn the houses of people who simply own books. Doing this lets Montag feel entitled and he is able to have the adrenaline rush that anyone who lives in this society nee...

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