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We have seen so many great people in history who dedicated their lives to the better good of the human race. We have also witnessed others who did extensively remarkable things in history of mankind and will forever be remember as long as the human species exists. Abraham Lincoln is great hero who will forever remain to be a role model to many leaders of the world. He was the American president and the commander in chief of the armed forces during the American civil war (Charnwood 28). On January 1, 1863, gave an executive order that freed all slaves who were within the American soil at that moment (Carnahan, 27). This order was directed to all executive agencies of the United States at the time (D’Aulaine 19). In relation to the above context, we will deliberate and determine whether Abraham Lincoln really deserves the accolade of “The Great Emancipator”
From my point of view, I believe there are so many wise decisions that president Lincoln made. I also feel that these decisions not only earn him the accolade, but also the admiration of black Americans as well as other people in the world (Keneally 78). For starters, when Lincoln issued the order to release all the slaves, he did not wait for the sitting congress at that time to pass this into law (Guelzo 41). He exercised his constitutional powers at time which gave him the power to issue such orders as the commander in chief of the armed forces (Carnahan, 14). Therefore, in his proclamation, he justifies his action as a constitutional provision (Franklin 39).
This point proves that president Lincoln was indeed a wise man and a strong leader, who knew what power the American constitution gave him, and how he could use it for the good of all American citizens at the time. In hi...

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...n other than to agree with Carnahan that Lincoln was a wise and strategic leader (Carnahan, 8). Whether he used the release of the slaves to win the civil war or not I am still for him. All that matters is that he freed the slaves making a hero and role model of himself to all leaders and black people in the world. He was also a genius since he was able to win the civil war strategically uniting the United States of America to what it is today (Parish 265). He was also able to grant all the American people what all his predecessors had failed to do: making all Americans equal. I am almost certain that if Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation had not come at the time it did, slavery would have continued for a couple of more decades, or even to date. Confronted by all the above facts, I feel that indeed Abraham Lincoln deserves the accolade of “The Great Emancipator”.
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