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The question is, was Abraham Lincoln America’s greatest president? I’m here to tell you I agree with Phillip Shaw Paludan, that he was America’s greatest president. Lincoln was an amazing person and had provided many legal rights and did great things for America’s government and people, but the most important thing he did for use was freeing slaves and in turn saving the Union and our nation, because without these things happening we would have been split into two. Lincoln did all these things without proper education and his personal and biblical believes.
Abraham Lincoln left behind a legacy that would be forever be remembered, looked, and reflected upon. His legacy had help shape the American people into whom we are today and that was an important thing he did even if it caused him his life. The legacy of freeing slaves, saving the Union and helping our country was important, because without it we would have been an unhappy country filled with Caius.
Lincoln was an honesty person and he had great character and leadership skills that he gained as a lawyer, which helped him in the struggle of helping our nation, when he was the president. Abraham Lincoln’s honesty may have been called into question when Bradford stated that his actions were really unnecessary and he hid that in his biblical talk and believes when in reality he was actually do what he though was best for the county. Also the inspiration of this speeches and letters helped us too, by showing how we should never give up and instead have hope. He was seen as a man of humble origin who demonstrated determination and perseverance which was what we needed in a president. This was shown though the fact that he did not giving up until he accomplished his goals. He also...

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...ore I do agree with Phillip Shaw Paludan when he said that Abraham Lincoln was American’s greatest president. Lincoln did many things for America, things that no other president had done. He also gained many different titles no matter if they were good or bad or by whoever liked him or not. Sure people had their view about how he ran things and how he came up with new laws, but he was still great because he only did it for the good of the nation. Without the new amendments there would not have been peace or equality; we would probably still be at war with ourselves and our Union would have been divided. The economic prospers we gain because of Lincoln was remarkable. The many acts that were passed when Lincoln was president helped our economy and government become even better than it was. Also with Abraham Lincoln’s personality he was trusted and led us to victory.
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