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Life of Pi, the story by Yann Martel begins with a religious boy that has two distinguishing personalities and one of them is symbolized through the character Richard Parker. Richard Parker is represented as a tiger to convey the salvage side of Pi, and to display the dual nature of humanity. In addition to Pi having the two conflicting personalities the article of “Id” presents the Freudian psychoanalytic theory in which explains “the three agencies of the human personality”(Id). To conclude, through the use of the article “Id” and Martel use of imagery to represent Richard parker as Pi’s other personality, one can see both how humans can have clashing personalities and how Pi has a clashing personality.
Likewise Martel’s use of ambiguous imagery validates how Richard Parker in the beginning of the book is going to be Pi’s survival side. When Richard Parker was first introduced in a black and white photo Martel gives Richard parker an ambiguous appearance by giving the animal a human name and by saying “Richard Parker, can you believe what has happened to us”(Martel 97) . Giving a human image to the readers mind early on conveys that Richard Parker is in fact a human an human that us reader’s want to “extract personality from appearance”(Martel 87), but the appearance that Martel wants the people to extract from is Pi himself. For Pi has this survival side that he does not need at the time and that is why Richard Parker is not described in great detail so that the people can know from the beginning that Pi has another side to himself. Alternatively when being stuck on the boat with this tiger Pi begins to distance himself, because of the overwhelming side of himself in which makes him say “Let go, I don’t want you here”(Ma...

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...and making himself "carve out my territory"(Martel 202) for Pi realized what he has become and how he cannot do anything about it. In so Pi becomes blind from the fact that he cannot see anything through his eyes anymore, but the fact he looks through the eyes of Richard Parker.
Finally through the end of the book Martel uses imagery to conclude how Pi still has Richard Parker, but does not need him. Through the end of the book Pi happens to stumble on an algae island that a plethora of food. As exploring the island and getting use to the island Richard Parker was said to “killed beyond his need” (Martel 269). The salvage side of Pi is now at ease with Pi as Pi watches himself be this beast. As going by day by day Richard Parker fill’s his stomach with all that it can eat to insure that Pi will live, as Pi himself eats mostly algae to go back to his morals.

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