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An athletic director is a career in life that many people do not choose or want to experience. There are long hours and stressful days that come along with being an athletic director. Athletic directors also have to go to all sporting events and deal with athletes that misbehave on and off the field, but I want to deal with all these situations one day. I have always wanted to have a job that deals with sports in any kind of form. My calling in the future is an athletic director because I have values of being competitive, a role model, and I am well organized. Since I have been a little boy, I have always wanted to win at anything I do whatever it may be, from playing sports to making the best grades in all of my classes. This is a huge reason of my decision to be an athletic director in my future. To be an athletic director, being competitive is a key to have a winning program. I want to be known for having a school that works hard, but is also competitive in all sports. If athletic directors are not competitive then they will not have many students want to come to their school to play or watch athletic events. I also want to make kids better at sports and by being an athletic director, I can fully involve myself with teaching and telling athletes how to play a sport. Athletic directors need to know how to develop kids into being more competitive, but not yelling and fussing at them. I would never yell at my athletes to make them more competitive when I am an athletic director. Also, I would hire coaches that know what it takes to have a competitive team, but realizes that I am the head person in charge of all the athletic teams. Competitiveness is something that I value a lot and I can use that to my advantage when I am an at... ... middle of paper ... ...ic directors be professionally trained in the body of knowledge of management and sports” (pp.138). My major will get me to that point in life where I can fulfill my dream of being an athletic director for a high school someday. It is going to put a smile on my face every day going to work knowing that I have a competitive sports program, I am a role model to kids in every way, and that I am a well-organized athletic director. The day when I get hired as an athletic director cannot get here fast enough. Works Cited Bucher, C.A. and Krotee, M.L. (1998). Management of Physical Education and Sport. Boston, MA: WCB/McGraw-Hill. Mentor. (n.d) In Oxford English Dictionary online. Retrieved from Schneider, R. C., & Stier Jr., W. F. (2001). Recommended educational experiences for high school athletic directors (ADs). Physical Educator, 58(4), 211.
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