liberty in liberia

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For half of a century before the American civil war, there were many movements in the United States to eliminate the dependency upon slavery for a strong southern economy. The arguments ranged from the humanitarian to the economic but little actual success achieved until we reached that bloody point in American history. The conscience of a nation was tested by the dichotomy of “all men are created equal” when placed against the atrocity of enslaving another human. The pressure was intense since the majority of the remaining world had already taken definitive actual steps toward the eradication of human trafficking. Leading this movement was the England and its establishment of the colony Freetown in the area now known as Sierra Leone on the western coast of Africa. The example the British sent was an embarrassment to their former colonial subject and we felt the social pressure to comply with what became universally accepted as the right thing to do. Further pressure was placed on us because a colony was not only established but the British Crown committed massive amounts of funds and military assets to the colony in order to ensure its success. Succeed it did, the royal navy would intercept slave trade ships departing the African coast, free the captive slaves and sail them directly the colony. Many would stay and settle because if they returned to their origins they would be bonded once more. I intend to explore the beginnings of the United States attempt to accomplish the same results but clearly show where difficulties lie within a society that is divided on the subject in more ways than one; there is the perspective of the federal government and the issue of national pride amongst the world powers. Abolitionists began as a ... ... middle of paper ... ...ers to leave their service. I have established that there were government edicts that established the relocation of former slaves back to the western coast of Africa, mostly with little consideration for either the free salves or the indigenous population that occupied the area already. I have shown that political organizations were created in the United States for the sole purpose of relocating slaves. Organizations such as the ACA commissioned and comprised of members that had motivations that ranged from the most liberal to the very selfish. While the Liberian experiment is considered a success simply due to it still existing as an independent nation today, the original intent fell far short on its execution. There were no real free men or women establishing the colony and for the first few decades, the administration was conducted entirely by white Americans.

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