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When I first saw The Hearing painted by Jan Brueghel and Peter Paul Ruben, I was attracted by the two animated figures in the center of the painting. They are ancient Greek mythology characters Euterpe, who is the Muse of music, and a lovely putto. Euterpe is sitting on an animal whose head is covered by a blue cloth, playing Iyre and singing. The cute putto is sitting on the left of Euterpe, holding a score collection and singing along. A brown stag, a white parrot and a few small birds are gathering around Euterpe and putto, listening to the music carefully. Two shotguns are placed close to Euterpe, one is leaning on the chair which the white parrot is standing on, and the other one is put on a Persian carpet. On the left of the figures, I see a round table which holds six score collections, a clock and a bell. Alongside the table, I see nearly all the popular instruments of the period, including a clavichord, a drum, a trombone, a lute, a shawm and various sizes of violas. An oil painting is placed on the clavichord. On the right of the figures, there is a rectangle table, a few delicate clocks, a golden globe, a little casket, hunting horns and several small instruments are put on and besides the table. The middle of the background are three open high arch structures, they lead my sight to an extensive view. Various kinds of birds are flying in the wide sky and deer are running freely on the vast land. There is also a palace which covers a large area in the far distance. Two red and blue parrots are standing on the banister of the right arch structure, and they look like talking with each other about the grey parrot in the cage which is placed on the ground. On their right side, I could see an oil painting that depicts Orpheu... ... middle of paper ... ..., especially the stag that stands besides Euterpe and putto. Since most animals have more keen hearing than human beings, the stag in this painting represent the sense of hearing. In addition, the two red and blue parrots on the banister of the right arch structure and the singing figures in the painting may represent voice. When I analyzing the painting The Hearing, I noticed that there are several clocks in different shapes with perfect designs and they are placed in various positions. I’m confused about whether they appear just as normal music clocks or they represent something. Music, which mainly perceived through hearing, brings great pleasure to the world and it’s stressed by the composition of the painting The Hearing. No matter in which century, human beings should be grateful that we have the sense of hearing to perceive, feel and enjoy beautiful music.
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