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In today’s society, it is difficult for students to understand where there time is spent. Whether the leisure time is spent studying or commuting or playing sports. The purpose of the assignment was to understand how we spend our time by plotting it on a leisure map. This assignment is useful in understanding how much of our time was spent doing leisure activities. The focus of this essay is around exercise because my leisure map revealed that I spent a lot of my time working out. This essay will discuss how exercise is a major part of my life and the influence it has on improving my confidence and self-esteem. Exercise allows an outlet from personal issues. Exercise is influenced by societal differences around gender appropriate activities; also it is influenced by the media which affects body image.
I will start of this essay by introducing my first topic which is how exercise is an outlet from my personal issues. Through my leisure map, exercising took up an hour or more of my day as leisure. It allows me to let out any stress or pressure which has been built up from commuting, family problems and stress from school or work. Commuting is one of the major stressors on a daily basis because in the time it takes to travel to university, I could be more productive with my time. Another stressor is university itself. The readings, classes and assignments can take a toll on a person mentally and physically. The pressure of getting the marks and keeping up with multiple classes can be exhausting. Plus the added pressure of a part-time job while attending university full-time is demanding. In order to relieve some stress with accumulated throughout the day, I resort to working out at home. Working out or exercising usually consists of ...

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...s are appropriate. Lastly, exercise is influenced by media and it affects body image of men and women. Through exercise coping with the stress of classes, assignments, work, and family is manageable. Exercise allows an escape from the stress of my day and helps me focus on my health and well-being. Societal norms around gender and activities are reinforced by the construction of femininity and masculinity. Through these social constructions, it is difficult for women to associate with violent and ‘manly’ sports without being labelled. Societal norms are also displayed in media which affect one’s self image and self-esteem. Men and women seek the perfect body with is not attainable by anyone. Exercise helps self-confidence and self-esteem by encouraging the individual to be healthy. Exercise was a major component in my life and is reflected through my leisure map.
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