legalize marijuana

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Despite the fact that marijuana is prohibited in many countries, it is the most used drug in the world. It has users from all walks of age, the young and old, men and women. This has raised issues on whether it should be legalized. Critics argue that marijuana causes so much body damage to the user, and can even cause death. What these critics do not explain, is the reason other more harmful drugs like tobacco and alcohol have been legalized despite their destructive nature. Realistically, the reason many people continue using marijuana is because of its advantages to the human body, these advantages are so many. Marijuana helps the body in many ways; these are tested and proven medicinal purposes. Many medical experts have carried extensive tests to determine the effects that marijuana has on human beings. In most cases, the results have been positive; positive in that they support the use of marijuana; this is because they find out that the drug has more advantages than disadvantages to the human body. These advantages include; easing of joint pains, for curing some diseases, marijuana can aid in boosting the world economy, responsible use of marijuana overtime helps to overcome certain medical states hence it is termed as natural medicine. All these are just but few of the reasons why marijuana should be legalized (David, 2012 pp 25).
Marijuana is a vital drug in the treatment of some diseases. In the article, cannabinoids in clinical practice, Williamson explains how marijuana is used by medical practitioners to cure some diseases; he states that the drug is vital in the treatment of manifold sclerosis a condition that entails pain in the muscles, small doses of cannabis are administered to ease the tremor. This article explai...

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...been legalized. Let us look at it this way, how many people have we seen die of marijuana use, and how many people have we seen die of other legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. It is apparent that most people have perished in the latter than the former hence a clear indication that cannabis is less harmful than some of the drugs that are already legal. Marijuana should therefore be legalized on grounds that other more harmful drugs are legal.
All the facts and assertions above are for the statement that cannabis should be legalized for its economical and medicinal values subdue its harmful attributes hence it is of more good than damage. The fact that some of the countries and states of the United States have legalized marijuana explains that many people are beginning to accept the use of marijuana. Marijuana should therefore be legalized (Kleiman, M. 2012 pp 78).