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The reason for writing this essay is to critically reflect my approach towards leadership and management. Strong leadership profile from my work environment will be explained and analyzed. The story of leadership will be based on transformational theory as this is the most relevant and appropriate leadership theory that was used to achieve the most productive outcome from the workplace. Also leadership and management theory will be critically analyzed and areas of future development will be identified and outlined.

Leadership is leading others by making sound decisions, taking action and guiding others to achieve desired outcomes. Management is an involved process of showing guidelines accomplished by planning, organizing and directing. According to Lapid Bogada P4
“To set clear goals and inspire others to achieve the highest quality”
Leadership can be formal or informal. Formal leadership is when a leader is officially elected to do the job. Informal leader is a leader is that steps up to do the job. In his 1998 book on becoming a leader Warren Benin’s composed a list of all the differences he wrote:
“The manager focus on systems, the leader focus on people. The manager relies on control the leader inspires trust. The manager administers the leader’s innovation. The manager maintains, the leader develop”.
One common similarity between managers and leaders are that both leaders and managers work with people. This brings understanding. The manger and leadership job must go hand in hand. In Age Care Registered nurse uses their professional knowledge, judgment and skills to make decisions to provide quality care for patients. Therefore nurses need to keep up with practice skills. Due to lack of nursing, management and care of pa...

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...equired was discussed.

Another transformational leadership theory is trust. In nursing job trust and integrity is paramount. It also gives nurses understanding that their leader is consistent have has integrity and can be relied on. To a leader integrity means truthful and being honest. Leaders are thought to be true to their own values and beliefs and are seen as role models. In age care nurses always communicate with families and other allied medical professionals. Giving accurate information is important in maintain quality care in patients. Correct and truthful assessment and observation is to be maintained. This assist nurse to care plan and evaluate patients care.



Clinical leadership – innovation into action
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