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Be inspired to make a difference while moving others to join in is my philosophy and approach to leadership. A philosophy that surfaced through trail-and- error in various positions and was refined through constant reflection. One particular time I accomplished the task of inspiring others through leadership, while also being inspired was during my time as President of the student organization, Fashion At Morgan (FAM). It was through this experience I faced the challenges of managing several personalities at one time. I also struggled with proactivity and the understanding that there can be more than one leadership style used at one time. By enduring these adversities I learned that with prior planning, self-efficacy, tenacity, and compassion, all of the goals of a team could be achieved. As a result, my perspective on being a leader changed from an extremely simple concept to a more realistic ideal of what leadership actually requires of the leader. Prior to becoming FAM’s President I assumed that a great leader was simply an admired and respected person in their respective position...
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