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As leaders, in order to be successful you must make a conscious effort and take the time to set clear goals for subordinates. To maintain a strong and focused path towards set goals, establishing core values and a clear vision will help facilitate the process and ensure objectives are completed. Leading is much more than simply giving directions, it’s a process that includes collaborative efforts in creating those directions to achieve the goals set forth in the vision and to improve the organization.
Goal setting is a process; leaders must first fully understand and buy into the vision for the future of the organization. When leaders believe and trust in the direction the company is heading, their employees will as well, this allows them to create a goal path that people will want to follow. The creation of goals can be complicated at times, as mentioned by Clark it is important to keep a couple simple suggestions in mind, “goals should be realistic and attainable, should improve the organization, as many as possible should be involved in the goal-setting process, and the process...
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