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There are different types of leadership styles, some of them have similar trades but they all are different in one way or another. Transformational leaders and charismatic leaders have some similar trades, but they do differ. A charismatic leader is one who attracts followers through his or her personality. This type of leader is seen as a person who has great human qualities. This type of leader tends to have great communications skills and speaks to an individual clearly. They also have a tendency to have good listening skills, a positive attitude and the ability to inspire the people around them into action. They have the ability to sense the gap between what an organization delivers to their employees and what the employees need from an organization. This gives the leader an opportunity to create a vision of a future state which everyone would appreciate more than the current situation. Charismatic leaders rely heavily on their personal charm, and perceptions, which could be swayed by rumors or “negative press”. (Money-Zine, 2005) Transformational leaders have the capability to inspire and motivate followers. These type of leaders are usually passionate, enthusiastic and energetic. According to Pierce and Newstrom (2011) there are six key behaviors associated with transformational leaders, one of them is identifying and articulating a vision. A transformational leader aim to find new opportunities for his or her unit/division/company and developing articulating, and inspiring others with their vision of the future. Providing an appropriate model is another one, where the leader sets an example for employees to follow which is consistent with the leader’s beliefs. Yet another one is fostering the acceptance of group g... ... middle of paper ... ...hip. If you were to view this from an organization point of view, having a charismatic leadership wouldn’t benefit the organization, because reality is that a certain leader won’t be present at all times, and you would want the employees to be able to work independently without having someone guide them through everything. Works Cited Money-zine. (2005) “Charismatic leaders” retrieved from, http://www.money-zine.com/career-development/leadership-skill/charismatic-leaders/, on 04/29/2014 N.A (2014) “Charismatic Leadership Vs Transformational Leadership” retrieved from, http://psych.answers.com/psychoanalysis/charismatic-leadership-vs-transformational-leadership, on 04/29/2014 Riggio, E. Ronald (2009) “Are you a transformational leader?” retrieved from, http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/200903/are-you-transformational-leader on 04/29/214
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