leaderhsip philosophy

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Leadership Philosophy all starts with the intent of the Leader and the audience they are attempting to reach. A true define a leader, you must first identify the traits it takes to be a leader. Leaders are individuals that are able to separate themselves from others by position, age, character, tenure, mentorship, education, leadership potential, and various other attributes. Leadership begins with a few things. The ability to follow is one the most important structures in Leadership. In order to become an effective leader, you must possess the ability to follow. According to FM, 6-22.5 Leadership is define as the process of influencing others by providing purpose direction and motivation. The U.S. Army has empowered individuals with the competency of conducting these tasks by providing structures such as rank hierarchy, leadership courses, and various methods of counseling to ensure the ability to facilitate it to the lowest level of Soldiers. Warriors Leadership Course, Advanced Leadership Course and, Senior Leadership Course area few institutions that is available to assis...

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