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Hurricane Katrina hit in late August of 2005. It was my freshman year of college, and I saw the wreckage and devastation on television. Just like the rest of the country. I lived in New Orleans in 2010, and I could still see the struggle of the citizens on Louisiana. Until this documentary, I have not seen footage from the storm. This is the first time in my perspective that the victims of New Orleans had a face, Kim Roberts. This is a response to the documentary that has changed my perspective on Katrina and New Orleans. Bridge the Water was a tough documentary to watch and sit through. I have watched documentaries about Katrina before, but usually against my will. I tend not to want to think about Katrina, it upsets me on a deep level. I did experience most of the physical responses in the movie, almost the entire time. I will highlight some of the scenes that was poignant for me. My body tensed when I heard the 911 calls from the people stranded in the ninth ward. When I heard the woman say she was going to die, my stomach felt like it sunk into my feet. My breathing was shallow and deep. The most reaction I had in the film was when Kim discovered her uncle’s body in his house, two weeks later. My heart was racing, and it felt like it sunk into my chest. My breathing was shallow in this area. I had a strong reaction, because he was just forgotten. I believe he did not get the respect his body deserved. I thought this movie was thought out and well done. I liked most of the documentary. The individuals who did the documentary where respectful of their surroundings, and tried to tell a hard truth to the country at large. There is only one thing I did not like about the documentary. I did not like the p... ... middle of paper ... ...ate. The first two are Kim and Scott Roberts. They were in a bad situation in New Orleans before the hurricane hit. Scott was selling drugs on the corner and waiting for prison or death. Kim was hanging on to her family through prayer and positive thoughts. After the hurricane, they looked at it as a fresh start. Scott got off the streets, and acquired a good job. Kim focused her feelings through music. They both are fighting for a better New Orleans and helping rebuild what was lost. Brian is the other individual I want to emulate. He risked his life to save others, even if he did not like them. He saved countless families, and did not even think he was a hero. He just wanted to do the right thing. Even after being denied for benefits, he found life after drugs. I want their strength and courage. If I had that, I could get through just about anything.

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