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The question of whether or not sexual activities are natural or unnatural has been a debate between many philosophers. What characteristics make sexual activities and sexual behavior natural or abnormal? Human sexuality consists of the desires and activities that involve searching and achieving sexual satisfactions. Philosopher Thomas Nagel and Alan Goldman have their own standpoint and theories on what ultimately determines sexual activities and desires as natural or immoral. Philosopher Thomas Nagel questioned what differentiated “natural” from “abnormal” sexual behavior. His studies were focused on the perverse aspect of sexual activity. He believed that sexual behaviors are only moral if it is a mutual act. He strongly stated that if two people are both aware of causing pleasure to one another, then the sexual activity would be considered natural. He claimed that when one sees that they are giving someone else pleasure, it causes satisfaction to themselves. Nagel explains that perversion, or abnormal sexual activity, occurs when mutual recognition of arousal is nonexistent; thus, being immoral. His perspective on whether sexual activity is natural or abnormal is not based off how bodily organs are used or where they are placed. His studies depended on the characteristics of the psychology of the sexual encounter. Where as many philosophers saw homosexuality, anal intercourse and many other “strange” sexual activities as abnormal and perverted, Nagel happened to disagree. Since homosexuality and other forms of intercourse are all practiced through mutual recognition and mutual arousal, he considered it as a natural act. He agreed with other philosophers that perverse sexual behaviors do not conform to natural sexual behaviors.... ... middle of paper ... it is rare and uncommon; once it became a common practice, it was no longer considered abnormal. In the past, homosexuality was an infrequent practice therefore it was considered perverted. Since then, homosexuality has become more widespread and public, so it is no longer seen as an abnormal act. Nagel and Goldman both agree in the fact that many people confuse a sexual act as immoral when it is actually just uncommon and unusual. These philosophers both argue the traditionalists’ views on sex and try to reconstruct people’s perspectives of sexual activity. Many different philosophers have explored the concept of human sexuality. The debate over how to determine a sexual act as normal or abnormal has been ongoing. Thomas Nagel and Alan Goldman are two philosophers that have added on to this debate, and their accounts help better the understanding of this issue.
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