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Since the turn of the new century, researchers and doctors studied carefully the effects of drinking alcohol among different age classes. The category that even continuing as an important subject to discuss is the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) from 18 to 21. The minimum legal drinking age in the United States is 21. After the cancelation of the alcohol prohibition on December, 5, 1933 by the 21st amendment, each state sat their Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21, but during the Vietnam War the situation change and it required 16 years old young people to go to the war as an adult. By July, 1, 1970 thirty states minimize their MLDA to 18. By 1980 most of the United States lowered the MLDA to 18 except 14 states. Referable to the legislation of the Minimum Legal Drinking age act of 1984, all the United States raised their minimum age again to 21. The minimum legal drinking age should be 21 because the car accidents will be less, and the possibility of intoxication will decrease, The proponents expressed that the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) did not prevent youths from drinking, but further it made them drunk in a really dangerous place away from their parents and the guild control. While the opponents debated that by age 21 you will be more responsible and you can experience precisely what harms you. Agreeing to a national study, 77% of the Americans oppose lowering the minimum age and 22% favorable to decrease it to 18. Drinking at a young age could lead to an early death or crimes which would affect the society due to lack of education, less awareness about self-control and life managements. Drinking alcohol under the age of 21 considered illegal all over the United States, but a few states... ... middle of paper ... ...reasing the skilled workforce and managing the natural resources. Granting to the centers for disease control and prevention that alcohol considered that the greatest contributor to death cases among young people. It was reported that more than 4,300 deaths among young people each year. To conclude, lowering the legal minimum drinking age could be a demand from some people or it could be as a consequence of a medical event. It could be different from one state to another due to the age majority, but definitely one fact is worth all of that discussion that young people at 18 are not mature enough physically and mentally to estimate the limits. Each nation has the obligation to implement laws that ensure the safety of their citizens, particularly if they were untried. This law related to people’s life should be scrutinized under medical oversight.
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