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My key theory on the first two chapter of Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture (MEOA) is that the book will providing a concept for best practice to economic decision making. The first chapter provides a basic introduction of the book’s purpose and its approach. In chapter two discusses the concept of economist ‘view of behavior. It addresses the general want and need of society and the barrier that limit these resources from ones reach. The book’s introduction covers the normal topic of managerial economics and addresses the top question to a successful organization. It addresses the importance of an organization architecture and decision making structure by providing some important questions should be asked in a cooperation for organizational success. 1. Which markets will the firm enter? 2. How differentiated will the firm’s products be? 3. What mix of inputs should the firm use in its production? 4. How should the firm price its products? 5. Who are the firm’s competitors, and how are they likely to respond to the firm’s product offerings? It provide a structur...

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