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Women in poverty have problems with gaining enough money to help keep their children afloat. At times these mother make decisions that may or may not better their own lives. These decisions are made to help benefit their families. These type of decisions can lead those making choices to be a domestic or sexual worker in some way to help their families. These environments may not be the best for them, but to them this may be the only chance they have for a better life. So they may decide to stay in a dangerous situation so that they can help their families. This paper will focus on the processes of getting into domestic trade, the effects of domestic work in America, and sex trading. In Americans Dirty Work: Migrant Maids and Modern-Day Slavery by Joy Zarembka focused on domestic work of foreigners in the United States. In the United States there are different types of visas that foreigners can get to come over and work in the country. There are three different types of visas that domestic workers can receive when they come over and work in the United States. A-3 visas are for domestic work in diplomat households, G-5 is work within International agencies like the United Nations, and B-1 is a business category visa (Zarembka 145). There is another program within the system that allows foreigners to come to come to America for child care services is the Au Pair program. The au pair program allows young middle class European women to America for education and cultural experience (149). Individuals within the program go through a training course to working with families with in the U.S and sets up a community for these women to connect with other au pairs in the area (149). In this program the family and the au pair were to meet a ... ... middle of paper ... ... Sosua achieve the dream of being married off, but that dream still sits. To them it is their only way out of the life that they are in. In conclusion, the domestic and slave trade can be risky and dangerous, but to these women they use it as a way to escape poverty. Domestic work can be dangerous in the way that women are treated and the limitations they have. They are alone and isolated from other individuals because of their employers. It is a type of slavery that they fall into. For women in the slave trade, they use that environment to try and better their lives then just gaining money. For them, they want to create a connection with the European travelers to get them out of Sosua and into a better life. These women know that the environment and work they are in is not good for them, but for them it may be the only chance they have from not being in poverty.

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