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The Miracle Child God did not create humans to be perfect. In fact, every human being has different flaws. God grants but also deprives whatever his wishes. Beauty, strong senses, marvelous personalities are all traits that can never exist in one human. Those who enjoy outer beauty may suffer inner ugliness, and those who have keen eyesight may not hear very well. God has not given perfection to anyone. Most people will surrender to weakness after being deprived from one or more of the senses. However, one did not surrender; she had proved to overcome the obstacles of her life to rise and place a mark on history. This exception is the well-known Helen Keller. Helen was born in good conditions; she had lived a healthy life that most babies live. However, once she was 9 months old, a wicked illness hit her and stole away her sight, hearing, and speech. Helen grew in a black world that has no light, listened to the melody of silence, and spoke no words. She was aggressive and hostile. This was the result of frustration from not being understood. Helen hardly delivered her message to anyone. Helen’s parents were always worried about their daughter, they tried their best to help her throughout life, but how good can life be with neither colours nor sounds? They began to lose hope but had one ray left, which shone upon Annie Sullivan, a teacher of the blind. Helen’s parent invited her over to monitor and teach Helen. Annie started with the basics, such as how to use dining utensils, comb her hair, and brush her teeth. She tried to teach her about morals in general, but she received violence and aggression from Helen. Annie never gave up; each day was a new day to her filled with endless rays of hope. Even though Helen ... ... middle of paper ... ...d a new goal; to attend college. For three years she worked very hard to prepare for college. Her tests were even copied into Braille for her. Helen was accepted to Radcliffe College and graduated with honors. Helen lived an amazing life. She lost vision and hearing from her eyes and ears, but gain them through her heart. She had a good education and was a top student. She even wrote a book called “The Story of My Life" when she was twenty-two years old. She has grown to become the miracle child. Even though god may deprive us from particulars abilities, hope should never be lost. If you look deep enough you will always find some rays of hope. No matter what the obstacles were, no matter which abilities we have been deprived from, we should never surrender to weakness. We should consider Helen as the brightest example of the humans’ unlimited potentials.

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