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My interest in science actually started with chemistry, not biology. I was particularly interested in medicinal pills and tablets as a child. Having to take so many pills as a child due to often being sick, I was fascinated with the medicine. I was always wondering how can such a small tablet have a comparably large effect on the human body? How does that powder on the inside cure an illness? I didn’t know the answers to those questions until years later when I was in high school. High school chemistry taught me that chemistry is practical and useful, and it can be applied to almost any career ranging from medicine to forensics. But something else happened in high school that steered me to the path I am walking down now- I accidentally discovered my love for biology.
I signed up for A.P Biology because I wanted to be challenged and also to get an idea of what a college class is like. It was in this class that my interests switched from molecules and chemicals to body systems and cells. How is it possible that a baby can be born from the fusion of a sperm and an egg? The human body is an extraordinary and remarkable machine that has many diverse systems that work together to produce an organism that has made monumental changes to the universe. I was also intrigued by the body’s propensity to go wrong and the many challenges that medical professionals have to face everyday to keep the majority of the population safe and healthy. These questions and curiosity led me to choose biology as my major in college and a career as a physician’s assistant as my choice of occupation.
To further increase my insight into the medical field, I traveled to Vietnam, my birth country to participate in several medical missions with a charity group bas...

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...lic library to enhanced my inter-personal, communication and team building abilities which are also valuable skills for any medical occupation. I enjoy reading as a way to expand my knowledge. To relax, I contribute my voice to a groups of friends’ unofficial band for fun. Music has a way of helping to take people to places, to help them process, relax, and it is essential in bringing out human emotions.
I am a determined, self motivated, hard-worker. I have adept leadership competence, having been the president of Interact Club in high school. I look forward to the upcoming academic challenges at Temple University. I am fully aware of the difficulties that accompany a medical career but my desire along with commitment to become a physician’s assistant has only been reinforced through my experiences as a volunteer and a team member of the various medical missions.

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