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Does the food industry affect society? Evidently, it does. America’s food industry has gotten out of hand with the method it currently handles its business. According to the documentary, “Food Inc.,” food companies are brutally taking advantage of their employees and consumers. Plus, the chances of our food being contaminated food are much higher than they were in the past. Aside from these reasons, government subsidies have influenced the cycle at which the food industry works on. Clearly, the food industry has an extremely negative effect on society.
Food companies have the capability to take complete advantage of what is going into the market and what is coming out of it. While the farmers take the role of being puppets, the companies take the role of Geppetto. Companies sign off contracts with new farmers who put themselves in up to $300,000 of debt just to start up a couple chicken houses, then forces the farmers into making upgrades which keeps them in debt. Thus, allowing them to be able to take total advantage of their farmers. The companies control how much the farmers get paid, which is only up to $20,000 a year, but if they decide to release classified information or simply not follow regulations, the farmers can have their income cut short or simply be terminated. The farmers do not have a say in running their business because the companies are well aware that the farmers are similar to being their slaves. Aside from the employees, the consumers are being taken advantage as well. The fast food companies are taken over the streets of the poor. Places like Brooklyn, New York, have astonishing food deserts where the closest supermarket is in the next town over. Leaving these people, who normally work multiple jobs just t...

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... countries with cheap prices, which put many Latino famers out of a job, for they could not keep up. Once they are out of a job, the meat packing companies in America hire them illegally. As this becomes more popular with packing companies, the authorities crack down on the illegals, not the companies. This is the depressing cycle that the American government starts simply by demanding an overproduction of corn.
In the end, society has been negatively affected by the food industry in some of the most depressing ways possible. Whether it is taking advantage of workers, or pushing for a certain product, or even selling contaminated food with no remorse. Hopefully, the food industries can decide to run their businesses with less to hide, because it was unfortunate that not a single company had the courage to simply get interviewed at least once through out the movie.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that america's food industry has gotten out of hand with the method it currently handles its business.
  • Analyzes how the fast food companies take advantage of what is going into the market and what's coming out of it, while the farmers take the role of puppets.
  • Explains the health risks of eating american food industries products have skyrocketed. gmos are harmful to our organs, can give us long-term side effects and harm the environment.
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