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Valentine's Day is a time where people celebrate their love for others and share the day by doing small and special things for one another. Couples often go out on dates on February 14th and there are many things that to do on that day. Disneyland Theme Park and Resorts is a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day with its many romantic areas. Couples can ride the King Arthur's Carrousel and listen to Disney classics as they take a magical ride or perhaps sharing a kiss (and a photo oppurtunity) in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. What about sneaking a kiss on the Disneyland Train as it goes around the theme park or taking a quiet moment and making a wish at Snow White's Grotto? Imagine seeing Disney California Adventure at night on Mickey's Fun Wheel or walking around Downtown Disney to hear some great music. Valentine's Day at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney there will be a lot of things just in time for this day. A sweetheart could buy a special person a charm for their Alex & Ani bracelet or perhaps stopping buy the numerous bakeries to get a treat. Many couples chose to go out to eat and there are many restaurants that offer esxclusive Valentine's Day meals to chose from. There are so many sweet things to do at Disneyland Theme Parks and Resorts but no matter the choice made be sure to spend the day with your special person. There are many souvenirs to choose from at Disneyland Theme Parks and Resorts however during Valentine's Day someone could get a little something special . Alex & Ani bracelets are pieces of jewelry that carry charms and unique designs. At Disneyland, guests are able to get a charm such as a Mickey Mouse one or another that showcases the Sleeping Beauty Castle as well as a ... ... middle of paper ... ... glaze, mixed vegetables and mushroom quinoa is a good choice for Valentine's Day. *Disney Caliifornia Adventure's Wine Country Trattoria: Guests and Valentine's Day couples can enjoy a Antipasto Platter for Two as well as Lobster risotto or crab-topped filet mignon ad a chocolate tart with espresso creme and resberries along with wine choices. Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta: There will be a delicous heart-shaped ravioli with sauteed spinach, arugula and champagne cream sauce. Throughou various bakeries such as Disney California Adventure's Fidler, Fifer and Practical Cafe, Disneyland's Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, Paradise Pier's Surfside Lounge and Disneyland Hotel's Coffee House will be serving a chocolate cupcake with rasberry mousse filling and dark chocolate mousse frosting, dipped in a chocolate ganache with garniches, strawberry curls and a cute fondant rosebud.

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