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The current law for treatment of drugs and drug use as criminal activity based on Wilson’s argument of morality, benefits of illegality, with comparison to the alcohol problem is inefficient. Laws should come about for the benefits of all society, not complacently on the grounds of immoral, and the benefits of legalization give lack to a compelling case for illegality. First let’s address the fact that the government acknowledges drug abuse prevention as a “national war on drugs”. A war implies that there’s a conflict between two parties, i.e. the government verses someone, be it drug addicts or drug cartels. Drugs use in itself, made very clear by Wilson is dangerous and is not a victimless crime. He gives example to abusing pregnant mothers who give birth to babies with disabilities and these mothers live in poverty and with temper ant continue to abuse and are lease able and willing to get help or treatment and our likely to continue to abuse their babies (Wilson 300) That addicts (specifically on heroin) “victimize their children by neglect, their spouses by improvidence, their employers by lethargy and their coworkers by carelessness. .” (Wilson 301) This doesn’t acknowledge the war on those who benefit from the illegality of drugs. Acknowledging then that drugs have a divesting affect for users and it makes them complicit to abuse others and specifically defenseless children. But this doesn’t seem like a case to point out on illegality. How do the illegality and a war against addicts fix any of the abuse to others outlined? Addicts become involved in criminal activity and that’s a slippery slope to defy other laws, to become uninterested in “help” that potentially leads to your own incarnation. They therefore would have no... ... middle of paper ... ...tead of helping them. If they choose to act criminally, then they’re consequences, but using in and of itself shouldn’t have a legal consequence solely on the basis of morality or that they may become an addict. And illegalization gives profits to those who conduct themselves immorally. Drug lords and gangs thrive and are facilitated and those in poorer neighborhoods become victim to the war on drugs more than those that are susceptible to the criminality of an addict. The war on drugs should be fought against those who directly benefit from drug use and there are little to no benefits for an addict (who will choose to use regardless of illegality, take the case of prescription drug abuse). Drugs shouldn’t profit criminal activity and focus legalization to promote less use and abuse because of the negative physical and social consequences and not the illegal ones.
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