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A. Economic, political, and legal analysis of the trading country
Currently Switzerland has one of the most stable economies in the world. It has a very prosperous and modern market economy. It also has very low unemployment rates and a skilled labor force. An advantage to our company is their highly developed service sector. Its economic as well as political stability, efficient capital markets, and their low corporate taxes make it one of the worl's most competitive economies; thus making is a perfect location for our community. The stability in this country has actually created an economy that is increasingly dependent on foreign investment.

Although Switzerland is not officially part of the European Union, there are very few economic and trade barriers between the two, with the exception of agriculture. Its judicial system is free of corruption and strictly enforces all contracts.

While doing business in Switzerland we must keep in mind that it is one of the most expensive nations in the world. Cartels have great influence over the prices, and the positive aspect of this is that the Swiss do not allow competition to drive down prices. Also an influential contact is absolutely vital in order to succeed, many business thrive based on the connections an entrepreneur may have. We must be patient, it is customary for business decisions to take a long time and expecting things to proceed slowly is the best option. High pressure and rushed tactics inevitably fail unlike in USA where decisions can sometimes be made in a single day.

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...vate business laws unique to each canton.

In Panama the procedure to start a business is to hire a registered agent, motorize articles of incorporation, register at the Mercantile Division of the Public Registry and pay Annual Franchise Tax, obtain a notice of operations (“aviso de operación”) though the “Panama emprende” website, and request an employers’ inscription from the Social Security Administration. The Documents and Licenses required are the Income Tax Registry, a Commercial License, Municipal Taxes, Social Security Number, Sanitary Permit, Fumigation Certificate. Other laws include labor laws such as limiting foreign workers to 10%, the law requires that 90% of the workers are Panamanian citizens, married to a Panamanian, or have resided in Panama for at least 10 years. A work permit must be obtained for every foreign worker from the Ministry of Labor.

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