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Others usually define Justice as moral righteousness. Also commonly known as the act of directing the deserved punishment or incentive to those who deserve or earn it. When most think of justice, they think of what is fair. Justice is seen as being fairly punished. The wrongdoer knows the law, and by disobeying the law they will be punished which creates justice. Justice is being fair, but it also needs to be equal. They are two different things. Following the rules and being unprejudiced is being fair. Even though it is against the rules, should it be measured as fair if someone gets shot at and can not shoot back, or should that someone be allowed to shoot back to make it equal? Unless you are a police, shooting back is not a morally right thing to do. Would it be considered justice though since it is an equal punishment?
There is a problem with the morally correct and deserved definition though. How can you tell if something is morally correct and deserved? Morals are defined mostly from religion. What one sees as morally right may not be seen the same by someone else. It is impossible to define what is morally correct. Therefore, how can justice be measure by morals? Justice can not be served morally correct. Deserved has the same difficulty. There is no definition because everyone sees what is deserved differently. We all think differently and believe different things. Some think that people on death row should be tortured instead of being given a lethal injection while other may completely disagree. Some may think that you there should be no limits to self-defense while others believe there should be limits. This all shows that justice can not be expected to be a deserved punishment or reward.
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...rtured them beforehand, death row is the most the person can get. He can not be raped if he raped. He can not be beaten if he beat. He can not die slowly if killed slowly. The murder will sit on death row until the day comes that he is lethally injected. To our government, this is justice. Whether or not his suffering is no where near what he did to his victims, it is morally correct and deserved. To the courts, his price will have been paid and that is considered justice.
So id justice truly served? Morally correct and deserved are defined in their own right, so justice can not be defined by those things. Reaching a verdict is simply fairness, not the type of punishment to be received. Our judicial systems are still based on what is morally correct and deserved though. Equal punishment for crimes that have been committed is true justice. Justice should be equal.

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