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In the simplest form, communism, a subdivision of socialism, can be defined as an economic and collective system in which nearly all property and natural resources are collectively used by a classless and equal society. Today, this kind of system is recognized as the optimal regime for many of the citizens. However, when the world population is analysed, there are only 5 countries which are ruled by communism. One of them is Vietnam, which made many reforms but still dealing with inequality among its citizens, disproportionate income; which shows that there are large numbers of things to do for them and their regime is not perfect as they expected (Cote, 2013, para. 6). These inequalities can be seen in many of the countries ruled under communism and it is not a proper system because it has still many of musts to deal with. Therefore, governments should not pursue communist regimes. Primarily, it is evident that throughout the history, there is no successful communist country in the world as communism is just a utopia waiting for to be performed. To begin with, North Korea has been ruled by this system since the Japanese attacks when south and North Korea separated from the south. The south is more modernised, industrialized and has a good economy, whereas the north is corrupt and impoverished, has the least freedom of speech ratio (Sedghi, A., Rogers, S., 2013, para.3). These facts are actually indicate the effects of two different administrations. North Korea is also a dictatorial regime as it was hinted in an article which is pointing that it is certain that it is authoritarian administration, as it can be proved by the prohibition on any organized political opposite ideas, the sealed media, restrictions on freedom of spee... ... middle of paper ... ... perceived as a good thing for people, actually it is harmful for society because practising this theory is not easy as it is expected. Advocators of communism emphasize equal society, yet creating equal society seems impossible and illogical, because by birth, people are not equal and differences in a society makes it more powerful and creative. In addition, communism wants everybody equal, however regardless of the governments under which we live, we all have different aspirations. Some people are perfectly happy sweeping floors, but most of us—justly—want more out of life. In my opinion, if someone wants to adopt an ideology, this ideas should be implemented by respectable and beneficial for the society, but both Lenin and Mao was not a proper leader, they were mass-murderers. Therefore, we need to pursue another regimes rather than communism—just another.

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