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504 words

Movie Scene: White Chicks

Marcus: You sure this is gonna work?

Kevin: Just trust me, follow my lead.

Marcus: What up, you got a problem? What you lookin at my butt for? Nah, hey hold my poodle. Hey yo, what up you got a problem? Ya’ll wants some a this, you want some of this? What, boy what? I’ll take the both of you! -

Kevin: Marcus, cut it out-

Marcus: What, he’s lookin at me like I’m some kind of girl, man-

Kevin: You are a girl, and you better start acting like one or your gonna be an unemployed girl.

Man: Dang, I’d sure like to cut that cake...

Kevin: Hey yo, hold this! (Hands dog to Marcus) Hey yo, you trying to look at my lumps? I’ll take off my g-string and handle mine; I’ll handle mine dog-

Marcus (whispers) its Gomez.

Gomez: Welcome to the Royal Hamptons Hotel (gestures to hotel).

Kevin: The bags in the car Jose.

Gomez: The names Gomez

Kevin: Whatever!...

Marcus: And yeah here, take Baby. Clean out his bag, poor thing just pooped everywhere. And teach him how t o say yo quiero Taco Bell. Thanks a lot Rico Suava-

Kevin: Gratsi

Marcus: Thanks Julio.

Gomez: Right away maam.

Walks into hotel lobby.

Kevin: (Marcus trips) Sweetie, you’ve gotta slow up with those Cosmos. (Giggles) Brittney and Tiffany Wilson... (Bumps rack on counter with her boobs) Sorry, um, um there new. Dr. Drorphman did an amazing job!

Marcus: They feel sooo real! (Kevin giggles)

Harper: Hi, yeah, I, I, I just need to see, uh, a credit card, and some I.D. please.

Kevin: Credit Card? I.D.? I am so fricken pissed! -

Harper: Maam, I, I-

Kevin: First of all, I go to Dr. Drorphmans, he totally messes up my nose job. I ask him to make me look like Gweneth Paltrow; I get off the surgery table lookin like fricken Shrek! (Marcus sympathizes for her) Then I get here, and Mr. Harper makes me feel like some dumb blonde with fake boobs, going to a Hue Hephner party!

Harper: I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just that, it’s protocol-

Kevin: I’m gonna have a B.F!

Marcus: Oh my god!

Harper: No, no, no, no, no, don’t, don’t, have, uh, uh B.F. now-

Kevin: I want to speak to your supervisor, better yet, I'm gonna write a letter...(Harper trying to calm her down)

In this essay, the author

  • Asks marcus what he wants from his poodle.
  • Opines that if you are a girl, you better start acting like one or you'll be an unemployed girl.
  • Narrates how they'll take off their g-string and handle their dog.
  • Describes the responsibilities of ric suava and marcus, including cleaning out baby's bag and teaching him taco bell.
  • Opines that dr. drorphman did an amazing job!
  • Opines that harper needs a credit card and some i.d.
  • Narrates how kevin goes to dr. drorphmans and asks him to make him look like gweneth paltrow. he then makes him feel like a dumb blonde with fake boobs.
  • Opines that kevin wants to speak to his supervisor, better yet, he's gonna write a letter.
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