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The main purpose of this article was to explain the benefits that students can experienced when school counseling programs incorporate the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model into a High School setting. The article explained how the, “Nebraska School Counseling Guide for Planning and Program Improvement” was revised to incorporate the different aspects of the ASCA national model into their counseling program (Carey, Harrington, Martin, & Hoffman, 2012). The main focus of this study was to obtain information about the factors that needed to be improved in the Nebraska school counseling programs that could benefit the students overall outcome. The study measured the twelve students’ educational outcomes for students in high school. However, the main focus was on discipline, suspension, graduation, attendance, ACT average scores, and dropout rates of students in high schools. In addition, to a survey to gather demographic data and information about the time that school counselors spend on counseling and non-counseling duties in the high schools (Carey, et al., 2012).
Data was collected and was interpret under the main three questions for the purpose of this study. The questions were regarding the features of ASCA national model that could improve the students’ educational outcomes, the factors that needed to be improve in the school counseling programs in order to assists high school students more efficiently, and the benefits of incorporating career and technical education into the comprehensive school counseling program. Carey, et al., (2012) explained that almost one third of the Nebraska school counselors’ time was spent on non-counseling duties and activities that did not provided any direct servi...

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...aware of the new changes to programs that could help students be more successfully academically and increased their opportunities in life. This article made me realize the importance of having a comprehensive developmental school counseling and guidance program with the implementation of the ASCA national model. It is vital to have a program in place that meets the students’ specific and demographic needs to help students accomplish their full educational potentials. I believe that students will benefit greatly if school counselors have a reasonable number of students under their care.

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