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Throughout this term, I took part as a student intern in Şht. Hüseyin Ruso secondary school. In this internship, I had a chance to observe two English teachers in real classrooms. This provided me a valuable teaching experience in the field of teaching. So, I learned the finer details of teaching including ways to improve my future teaching , how to maintain classroom discipline , how to plan successfully , and also how to deal with students’ misbehaviors. In this paper, I am going to reflect all these things that I have learned.
This internship program provided me a better understanding of the school environment and it helped me to become more informed about teaching. The functioning of the Sht Hüseyin Ruso was connected to the Ministry of Education and it was run in accordance with a curriculum appointed by the Ministry of Education. English was taught as a second language and it mostly focused on teaching grammar. Namely, my views about teaching English changed because the English lessons were only based on memorization of grammar rules. If you teach English, you should integrate four skills into the lesson otherwise students fail to learn and speak in the target language. Before I attend this internship program, I thought that teaching was an easy job. When I started it, I faced the reality because there are many duties of teachers to perform. Firstly, the teachers need to be like actors. They must act as a role model for students. Secondly, they are responsible for creating a positive environment in which learning take place so that they have to maintain classroom discipline. Moreover, they have to make lesson plans to achieve the objectives of the lesson and arrange the time according to their lessons and ...

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...ties and he encouraged students to speak in English. Although their proficiency level was low, he used his body language, gestures to make all students understand. He also used real materials in order to make them understand and attract their attention in this way. I think that, I have benefited from his experience. In my future teaching, I will follow his teaching techniques because he really taught me how to be a good English teacher.
In conclusion, I have learned lots of things by distinguishing two English teachers because one of them was a good teacher and the other one unfortunately was not. I think, this gave me a better chance to reflect upon what I have learned at the university. After, I took part in this internship program, I felt myself capable of teaching English Language . I believed that this internship will open many doors leading to my future.
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