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I completed my first internship experience in Demokrasi Senior School. During this internship, I had an opportunity to observe the teacher called Mrs. Sayılı and her students. Although , I faced some difficulties, it was good teaching experience. First, I thought that teaching was an easy job. Then , I realized that it actually was not. So, it helped me to learn how to manage the class successfully and how to handle students misbehaviors easily.

I learned lots of things in this internship. I gained some teaching techniques to how to teach and to overcome students’ misbehavior. It’s difficult to control yourself in the classroom if I were the teacher to be honest I will use punishment to the students but when I observed the class I learned how to be calm during the students are making misbehavior and overcome with this problem. Teaching is not an easy job because you have to arrange your time according to your topic but it’s impossible because students are always making misbehavior towards their teacher. I feel that I gained some strategies to be calm to the students’ misbehavior towards to the students and I learned how to make students more active in the classroom. And as a teacher we should arrange our time according to our topic and solve the problems as soon as possible so that we cannot lose time while solving the behavior problems and I try to engage with the topics and guess the students’ level and how to make my English level according to the students’ level. I learned how I should give the instructions to the students and how to manage the classroom. Classroom management is actually it takes an important role while teaching. In the real life classroom I realized that group or pair work are not us...

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... realized that my tutor is an experienced and she chooses her materials according to the students level and their cultural differences. I realized that to be a school teacher is not just teach and go . You have to plan your daily teaching topic and how to make it more enjoyable for the students. You have to give daily feedback to your administer about what you did and what kind of problems have occurred.

During my internship program, I realized that to be an English teacher is not easy as I thought. When we become a teacher we have to work collaboratively with our colleges and the administrate. Teaching is not like a game we have to spend more time on our students because they are not learning as we thought as fast. To be able to create enjoyable, disciplined and learnable atmosphere to them because when they are motivated they are eager to learn more.
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